full program 2018

Films by georges MÉliÈs

Catchpenny Ensemble | Friday 9 March | 19:30

Georges Méliès' Films | France, 1896-1912

At once the cinema's first true artist and the most prolific technical innovator of the early years, Georges Méliès was a pioneer in recognising the possibilities of the medium for narrative and spectacle. He created the basic vocabulary of special effects, and built the first studio of glass-house form, the prototype of European studios of the silent era. Although a pioneer of early cinema, his films have a sense of fantasy, fun and nonsense whose exuberance is still infectious after almost a century.

Catchpenny Ensemble
Fascinated by the amazing cinematic world of Georges Méliès, Catchpenny Ensemble creates an audiovisual experience of conventional and non-conventional projections, lights and shadows, acoustic and electronic sounds, inviting the audience in this unique reality.

Music: Catchpenny Ensemble
Shadows and Theatre: Ilse Evers and Wen Chin Fu
Video: Yael Levy and Nikos Kokolakis
Composition: Yael Levy, Nikos Kokolakis and Sascha Thiele
Irene Ruiperez (flute)
Natalia Alvarez - Arenas (percussion)
Akvile Ruockute (Violin)
Chris Tsogias - Razakov (Oboe)
Ivan Pavlov (Piano)
Begonia Chan (Cello)
Leonidas Zhupali (Trombone)
Nick Vailer (El. Guitar)
Sascha Thiele (Electronics)


Based in The Hague, the Catchpenny Ensemble is a platform of exchanging and practicing creative musical and other artistic ideas. The diverse background and the various inputs of its members lead to a fruitful and continuous musical dialogue. The combination of acoustic and electronic instruments, together with video art, cinema and audio-visual installations is Catchpenny Ensemble’s main characteristic. The repertoire of the ensemble consists of new collaborative multimedia works by its composers Yael Levy, Sascha Thiele and Nikos Kokolakis, alongside works by composers such us Peter Ablinger, Thrainn Hjalmarsson, Missy Mazzoli and Molly Joyce.

Catchpenny Ensemble had its debut presenting five new compositions in the Royal Conservatory’s Spring Festival in April 2015, and has since performed at Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Tivoli – 2015), Open Dag at the Koninklijk Conservatoire (Arnold Schoenbergzaal – 2016), the Sound of Silence Festival (DNR – 2016), Peter Ablinger Residency (Koninklijk Conservatorium, Nutshuis – 2016), Holland Festival (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam – 2016), Spotlight: Romania.2 Film and Music Festival (DNR – 2016), Dag in de Branding Festival in The Hague (Het Nutshuis and Korzo Theater – 2016), Koninklijk Conservatorium Spring Festival 50th anniversary (Korzo Theater – 2017) and Hoogtij #51 (Het Nutshuis – 2017). Catchpenny Ensemble was involved in various educational projects with composition students from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and visual art students from KABK in 2016 – 2017. catchpennyensemble.wordpress.com

Moving and building are the key words in the work of Ilse Evers. After finishing the dance academy she discovered location-theatre. She made many performances with the collective Warner & co and later Aardlek for open-air festivals in Holland and abroad such as Oerol. Her latest works are installations and performances in which she plays with the eye of the public. Building and moving herself, and the vision of the audience. eversilly.nl

Wen Chin Fu graduated in 2006 from the Classical Music Department of Shih Chien University, Taipei, and continued her studies at the ArtScience Interfaculty of The Hague, where she graduated in 2010 and is finishing her master in T.I.M.E.  Her performances explore the relationship between physical movement, sound and the environment. She has been developing various instruments. All the instruments focus on the relation between the material and physical movement.  A key element of her practice is concentration, which opens the senses for perceiving things through new perspectives. wenchinfu.com

Yael Levy is a composer, performer, visual artist and an educator.  Currently located in The Hague, Netherlands. In her works she explores new models which emerge from the combination of music composition, collective composition, visual art, performance-art and theater. Levy is active in several creative groups, including Stichting Helicopter which is a visual artists initiative, and one of the artistic directors of the Catchpenny Ensemble, which focuses on multimedia works and collective composition. yael-levy.com

Sascha Thiele is a Cologne-based composer of concert- and filmmusic as well as a songwriter and Popmusic producer. He is also a practising musician as a guitar player and singer in several bands and projects. He is always looking for ways to combine his knowledge of experimental music and his background as a Pop/Rock musician. He is one of the composers of the Catchpenny Ensemble, which focuses on multimedia works and collective composition. svthiele.de

Nikos Kokolakis is a composer living in Den Haag. His main compositional interest lies in developing an understanding of sound as space in sonic structures. His works have been performed by various ensembles in Europe. He is an active member of various artistic initiatives and one of the artistic directors of the Catchpenny Ensemble, focusing in multimedia and collective composition. nikoskokolakis.com

Georges Méliès: The Wizard of Cinema
Ketelhuis | 10 - 11 March

After the live show on the opening evening, Catchpenny Ensemble's “Georges Méliès – The Wizard of Cinema” will be exhibited in the Ketelhuis in De Nieuwe Regentes, where the following short films will be shown in full length (accompanied with the music composed by Catchpenny Ensemble): A trip to the moon, 1902; The Impossible Voyage, 1904; An adventurous automobile trip, 1905; Chimney Sweep, 1905; The Witch, 1906; The Astronomer's Dream, 1898; Tunnelling the English Channel, 1907; The eclipse or the courtship of the sun and moon, 1907; Dream of an opium fiend, 1908; The kingdom of fairies, 1903; Jupiter's Thunderballs, 1903; The Damnation of Faust, 1903; The conquest of the pole, 1912; Robert Macaire and Bertrand, 1906; The inventor crazybrains and his wonderful airship, 1907; Excursion dans la luna, 1908; Under the Seas; 1907; Joan of Arc, 1900; A Nightmare, 1896; The Merry Frolics of Satan, 1906; The enchanted well, 1903; Hallucinations pharmaceutiques, 1908; The Palace of the Arabian Nights; 1905; Rip's Dream 1905; The Mysterious Retort, 1906; The Pillar of Fire, 1899; A Moonlight Serenade, 1904; The Christmas Dream; 1900; Gulliver's travels among the lilliputians and the giants, 1902; The Mermaid, 1904; The Knight of the Snow, 1912.