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Sounds of Silence 2020

Art exhibition

LiChun Tseng, Ketelhuis | Louis Braddock Clarke, Het Diepe

This year Sounds of Silence Festival presents two film installations that run through the weekend at De Nieuwe Regentes Theater. The artists, Lichun Tseng, originally from Taiwan, and Louis Bradoock Clarke, originally from England, both work with the media of image sound to investigate new frontiers of perception.

Untangling Noises of Matter |  installation | Louis Braddock Clarke | Het Diepe

The short film ‘Untangling Noises of Matter’ deals with an ancient perspective onto the transduction of metallic powders found deep inside the Earth. The alchemic approach of transformation is at the film's focus. As the metal Iron has magnetic qualities – it plays a fundamental role in the formation of matter. The paleo-magnetic quality allows a new matter to be built that stores in the languages of our contemporary world. In this terrain of physical power, growth and capital the metallic powders of iron ore have become the most ‘human’ metal. Read more >

lichun installation

jianjian | film installation | LiChun Tseng | Ketelhuis

jianjian consists of three looped 16mm film projections of different durations, moving independently of each other. Each loop is a film strip with image and optical sound; therefore, in practice a different combination of image and sound is created at any given moment. Different elements are brought together, letting them communicate in an ever-changing balance. Formless objects are captured to create a visual experience, which gives a concentrated experience of timelessness and spacelessness in the moment. The images are captured as reflections on movement, awareness, observation, being and transformation. Image by Lichun Tseng, sound by Robert Kroos. Supported by DKC Rotterdam. Read more >