full program 2019
Sounds of Silence 2020


LiChun Tseng, film installation, Ketelhuis

lichun installation

jianjian | film installation | LiChun Tseng | Ketelhuis

jianjian consists of three looped 16mm film projections of different durations, moving independently of each other. Each loop is a film strip with image and optical sound; therefore, in practice a different combination of image and sound is created at any given moment. Different elements are brought together, letting them communicate in an ever-changing balance. Formless objects are captured to create a visual experience, which gives a concentrated experience of timelessness and spacelessness in the moment. The images are captured as reflections on movement, awareness, observation, being and transformation. Image by Lichun Tseng | sound by Robert Kroos. Supported by DKC Rotterdam

LiChunIn her works, Lichun Tseng (TW/NL) is interested in searching for the experience of the vital dimensions of life, absorbing and partaking in it, grasping its wholeness; in which exploration and reflective contemplation are profound mental drives. She is approaching her research and practice mainly with 16mm film and installation in the last years.

Website: www.lichuntseng.com

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